My partner and I feel so fortunate to have worked with Cali as our birth doula. Experiencing pregnancy and birth for the first time felt incredibly daunting, especially as a queer couple navigating medical spaces that left us feeling disrespected. Cali ensured we always felt valid in our experience and offered her wealth of knowledge with empathy and respect. My pregnancy culminated in a home birth that Cali played a huge role in— from helping move my labor along, to maintaining a calm environment, my birth would have been a completely different experience had it not been for Cali. I cannot recommend her enough!

-Sarah, previous client 2022

Cali is amazing. I can’t sing her praises enough. I gave birth to my first child in 2020 at the start of the pandemic without a doula. I had friends who used doulas, but I thought they seemed unnecessary. Long story short, my first birth was traumatic, and I had significant anxiety leading up to my second pregnancy in 2022. I decided to engage a doula with the hope that they could better prepare me for birth. Cali was a lifesaver. I have some complicated medical issues that Cali was able to clearly walk me through and help me put my thoughts in order. She is not a doctor and doesn’t pretend to be- she is, however, the best advocate and has IMMENSE knowledge. Cali helped me to figure out what I needed to ask my doctors, helped formulate my options, and walked me through every step of a complex process. Cali is so smart and is such a warm and kind person. My second delivery and pregnancy experience was completely the opposite of the first- it was wonderful- thanks to Cali. If I ever have another child, I would 110 percent work with Cali again. I will be forever grateful to her!

-Tara, previous client 2022

I’ve had the privilege to work closely with Cali as a fellow doula – often partnered with each other supporting shared clients. Cali’s passion for birth, her warm and welcoming energy, compassion, extensive knowledge, resourcefulness, and a willingness to go above and beyond for all those she supports is evident in all she does. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate working alongside her, and I’m always confident when recommending her to anyone in need of birth or postpartum support.

-Melissa, doula partner

We were so thankful to have Cali there as our doula for the birth of our daughter. As a first time mom, it was reassuring to have someone else in the hospital room with us that was a constant who knew what was happening! She was an invaluable support system for myself and my husband. She constantly (but gently) reminded me to drink water and helped guide our movements to ease our laboring journey as much as possible. She was super in-tune with what I needed - she noticed when certain positions were helpful and comforting for me. In the hazy aftermath of birth I still very vividly remember her as a reassuring constant. As an added bonus and major plus she also took some lovely pictures the day of including our very first family picture! I can't imagine what it would have been like without Cali - so glad that we went with a doula and had Cali as ours!!

-Lisa, previous client 2021

Working with Cali as my doula helped me trust myself in ways I never thought imaginable. I was unsure about a natural birth for my first birth and Cali educated me about the experience of all possible interventions to help me decide on my dream birth plan. She helped me see that I was fully capable of having a natural physiological birth. She helped me at every step along the way, compassionately, advocating for me and educating me. The birth itself was made possible, magical and so beautiful because of her. She supported me emotionally, mentally, and physically-acting like a graceful mother, and best friend- encouraging me and empowering me when I was having a hard time, and doubting myself. She really helped me see my true power and potential and advocated for me and my wishes throughout the whole process. I hope to keep her in my life forever as a support, because she is just that special!

-Hannah, previous client, 2023

Cali made my first labor and delivery an incredible and memorable experience. Her calm and compassionate demeanor made me feel confident embracing the unknown in the birth of my daughter. My husband and I were in contact with Cali before birth, and she provided great information about laboring, delivery, breastfeeding, and postpartum. She provided a sacred space for me as I first labored at home, then in the hospital, and eventually in the recovery room after an unplanned c-section. Her knowledge of labor and pushing positions benefited me immensely as I tried everything I could to deliver my baby naturally. She was an advocate for my husband and I with every nurse and doctor, and always had our birth wishes and best interest at heart. Despite the unplanned C-section, she stayed with my husband and I through it all. SHe was the constant safety I never knew I needed in that situation and could never imagine birthing again without her by my side! Her passion for birth is truly inspiring. My husband and I feel forever indebted to Cali for her unwavering support during one of the hardest days of our life.

-Carrie previous client 2022

Hiring a doula was a no-brainer for me as a first time mom. I knew my husband and I would both benefit from a support person that would be able to help get me through the intensity and any confusion. With that said, it's important to spend time finding the right doula! For such a vulnerable period of your life, you want to have people you can really trust and rely on by your side. I feel truly blessed to have found Cali and her team. She's extremely knowledgeable and was there for us every step of the way. She eats/sleeps/breathes this stuff and makes it feel like such a magical experience. I appreciated how reliable and available she was throughout the process. Having someone like her in our corner for advice, insight, and cheerleading was invaluable. I consider labor and delivery one of the highlights of my life and I know that's because I had the best doula team in my corner!

-West previous client 2022

Given the fact that I was planning on having a homebirth for my first baby, I wanted to make sure I had all the support both my husband and I needed. Right from the very first introductory call I knew Cali was the perfect Doula. Cali was the only doula I spoke with that put my birth goals first. She ensured that I felt heard, and it was clear that I was going to receive the support I needed to achieve my homebirth goals. Cali always made herself available and answered every single middle of the night phone call I made. During labor, she gave me the space that I asked for while simultaneously providing me with the support I needed. After the birth, she stayed to support me through early postpartum, and didn't leave until I was in bed and ready to rest. Because of Cali's support, I was able to not only achieve the homebirth I wanted- but I was able to do so with pride knowing that I didn't have to sacrifice any of my goals in order to do so. I 1000% recommend Cali and would use her again for any future birth in a heartbeat. She is the absolute best!!!

-Dani Taylor previous client 2022

Cali and I started working together starting the early half of my second trimester. Since it was my first pregnancy, I had simultaneously a list of questions but also did not know what to ask. Cali provided me guidance throughout our time together through calls and texts. When I was unexpectedly hospitalized at 28 weeks, she came to visit on a Saturday to coach me through the birthing process. Despite the fact I didn't get the birth that I wanted, Cali made sure I was ok and I was taken care of, and supported our family as a postpartum doula. I couldn't be happier Cali was my doula, as she provided me a peace of mind during my unexpected high risk pregnancy.

-Kate, previous client 2022

We feel so grateful to have had Cali support us through our first pregnancy, birth and after birth journey. Despite having only met twice (once virtually & once in person) prior to delivery, it felt like having a close friend present during the labor and birth of our baby. Throughout the journey her energy was calming, personable and empowering. She shared her knowledge and experience while also creating space for us to make our own choices, and always advocating for us along the way. I couldn’t have imagined a hospital birth feeling more peaceful, powerful and smooth and feel so lucky she is a part of our son's birth story.

-Mallory previous client 2023

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